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Position: Technical Manager
Responsibilities: Promote the application of filters in the development of electronic chemicals and display manufacturing industries
Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above is required for students and exhibitors.
Job address: Jinshan District, Shanghai

Position: Sales Manager
Job Responsibilities:

1, sales staff positions, in the higher level of leadership and supervision under the regular completion of the quantitative requirements of the work, and can independently handle and resolve the task is responsible for;
2, the development of customer resources, looking for potential customers, to complete sales targets;
3, signed a sales contract, guidance, coordination, audit and sales services related to the accounts and records, coordination of transport and other matters;
4, to resolve customer complaints on sales and services;
5, from the sales and customer needs point of view, to provide guidance for product research and development recommendations
1, specialist and above, biopharmaceutical, polymer chemistry and other related professional;
2, more than 1 year sales experience, a filter industry experience is preferred;
3, with strong sales skills and sales experience, marketing experience and channel development experience;
4, with strong communication skills, organization, coordination and team management capabilities;
5, with biopharmaceutical experience is preferred (freeze-dried equipment manufacturers, vaccines, blood products, etc.).
Job address: Jinshan District, Shanghai

Position: Network Sales Specialist
Job Responsibilities:

1, according to the company to provide customer resources, the company's products to promote, promote and sell;
2, the use of professional network platform for the promotion of products released;
3, according to the marketing plan, the development of new customers, the completion of sector sales targets;
4, with customers to maintain regular business contacts and communication, to provide customers with supporting services.

Job requirements:
1, strong learning and communication skills, with relevant sales experience is preferred;
2, love sales, positive and optimistic, willing to engage in the nature of the work of sales;
3, full of passion, strong market and customer development awareness, network promotion experience is preferred;
3, a good working attitude, good teamwork ability, can withstand some work pressure;
4, the position does not need to go out, welcome graduates come to candidates, the company will have a series of pre-job training.

Job address: Jinshan District, Shanghai

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