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  • Product Name: JMSH single core filter shell
  • Description: JMSH series filter shell for the small flow of stainless steel shell, you can install a single AS568
  • Characteristics: 1, single-core 5-inch filter shell
  • Product size: JMSH
  • 特性二: 2, all stainless steel shell
  • 特性三: 3, the main clamp connection form, easy to replace the filter
  • 特性四: 4, filter cover casting one molding
  • 特性五: 5, high flow low pressure difference; a variety of import and export options
  • 特性六: 6, degreasing treatment, clean packaging

● Filter cover: stainless steel 316L or equivalent material
● filter shell: stainless steel 316L
● sealed O-ring: ethylene propylene rubber / silicone rubber / fluorine rubber
● Import and export:
   1/2 "FNPT, 3/4" FNPT
   1/2 "flange, 3/4" flange, 1/2 "straight tube
   3/4 "straight tube, 1" straight tube
● Outlet: 1/4 "NPT
Design conditions:
● Design temperature: 80 ° C
Design pressure: 10Bar
Dimensions (see drawings for details):
● Applicable filter length: 2.5 inches, 5 inches
● Filter shell diameter: 74 mm
Surface treatment:
● filter cover: internal and external surface electrolytic polishing
● filter shell: internal and external mechanical polishing after electrolytic polishing

● Clean gas filtration
● Various water filters
● Organic chemical filtration
model Table I Table II Table III Table IV
JMSH 05 G N8 E


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