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Shanghai Jinke Filtration Co.Ltd. Has been established via re-organizing shanghai integrated filter filtration factory. As a project set-up by the national drugs administration Bureau and approved by National Planning Committee introduced a complete set of the most advanced manufacture technology,production equipment and quality control instruments for millipore membrane fliters form USA in 1990,It has been a professional producer engaged in manufacturing the millipore membrane's folded filter cores in the largest production scale equipped with the most advanced equipment and the most perfect quality control means.

The company produces the millipore membrane's folded filter cores with trademark of "JiMei1 f mainly by using the Allowing imported raw materials as the filtering medium: polyethersulfonepolypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene and the like. Their qualifies comply with specifications of United States Pharmacopoeia's VI Plastics Measurement and FDA. 21CFR177.1520, and also the Chinese standards of GB/T5009. 60-2003, GB/T17129-1998, GB/T 14233-1-93 and GB/T16886.5. The products have passed the tests of related items, conducted by Shanghai Drugs Inspection & Test Institute, Shanghai Preventive Medicine Academe and Shanghai Hygiene Bureau.

The "jimei"-branded millipore membrane's folded filter cores produced by the company have based on their excellent quality, been widely applied in industries of medicine, biological engineering, blood products, bacterin, electronics, chemistry, foods, brewage and etc. domestics and overseas. Part products have exported to the USA. Some of its products, as the unique millipore filter product for replacing import approved by the National Drugs Bureau and since 1995 listed as the national and Shanghai's key developed HI-Tech products, have been exported now. The enterprise has obtained certificate of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in Jan.2003.

jinke is a  Pioneer in high-tech filtration and separation, serving the diverse needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry.


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